How to support and donate to Konva project?

Hello, my name is Anton. I am core maintainer of Konva framework.

If you want to support development of Konva and all its ecosystem tools like react-konva and vue-konva you can use:

I am spending a large amount of time to support Konva users and develop new versions with bugs fixes and new features.

If you are making money, by using Konva in your project, it makes sense to support Konva development. By doing this you will make sure that you have a good quality and maintained framework.

Even if you are not making money from your project but Konva saved you a lot of time, it will be very kind to support it.

Your company is using Konva?

It may be hard for many developers to make a financial donation. But if you are using konva as part of your work in the company, talk to your managers to support the project. Well-supported project is a good value for the company.

Enjoying Konva? Please consider to support the project.